Piano Lessons

Each lesson will consist of teaching the student the fundamentals of playing and music theory. 

Beginners - The focus will be on learning the 10 main notes in the middle C position (or beginners hand position.) Becoming familiar with key words and phrases of musical elements early on is a priority at this stage. This allows students to have a smoother transition from basic playing to more complex music. Students will also be started off with a pre reading music theory book that will help with counting, note values, terms, and sounds on the piano. 

Intermediate -  Students will start playing in the C major hand position which will open a door to a variety of new notes. Students will start to learn how to play scales and chords. New rhythms and song structures will be introduced. The terminology will become more difficult. The music theory aspect will focus on inversions, triads, and some ear training. 

Advanced - At this point there will not be a main hand position. Students range on the piano will be very broad and hand positioning will move with the individual pieces. All scales and chords will be completely taught if not known already. Students will learn about converting triads to diminished chords and chord progressions. They will be able to write their own songs and identify any chords, inversions, or harmonic melodies within a song.  

Clarinet Lessons

Each lesson will involve showing the student proper technique and playing methods. 

Beginners 1A - First few lessons will consist of breathing exercises, tongue exercises, putting the instrument together and taking apart, proper care and cleaning, and getting the perfect embouchure. Embouchure is how the clarinet  is held in between the lips and rests in the mouth. This is the most crucial  technique to learn for successful playing. Key phrases will then start to be introduced along with the 5 main notes in the left hand. 

Beginners 1B -   New notes from the chalumeau and throat register will be taught in addition to new types of rhythms.  Students will focus on tonguing techniques and playing notes properly with good intonation. Songs with a variety of styles and playing methods will be learned along with an array of musical terms. 

Intermediate -  At this point students will have a proper understanding of the instrument. Students will learn the entire clarino range. This range covers 9 new notes on the clarinet all of which need to be played with the register key. This allows the students to play up a entire octive and a fifth from the notes they have already learned. Harder rhythms will be introduced along with double tonguing. Double tonguing is necessary to play songs that are in cut time and have a majority of 16th notes. All styles of playing will have been taught if not learned already. 

Advanced -  Notes in the high range will be learned. These notes are extremely difficult to master but with proper embouchure, intonation, and fingering it can be achieved. This area will take a lot of patience and focus.  Students should be able to glide throughout all the ranges smoothly without any issues. All side keys and "extra" keys will be known so student will have multiple ways of playing the same note. 

Guitar Lessons

Interested in Guitar Lessons? Please message me and we can put you on a waiting list. We are currently interviewing a few skillful teachers in hopes of finding the perfect one to join our team.

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