Frequently asked questions

Do I need a piano or is a keyboard fine?

A keyboard is perfectly fine. It is suggested to purchase one with weighted keys to get the same quality sounding notes and feel of a piano. All advanced students must have a ful size (88 key) keyboard.

I have two children wanting to learn piano, can they take lessons together?

Each child learns at their own pace and learns in diffrent ways. For your child to fully bennefit, they will need to take lessons individually.

What is the first lesson like?

The first lesson is all about getting to know you and making sure you feel comfortable. My job is to start you off in a book that is appropriate for you based on your experience, and in a way that you will learn the best. We will talk a little bit about the piano, learn a few key terms, and start playing a few notes.

Should I take 45 minute lessons or 1 hour lessons?

I reccomend starting out with 45 minute lessons if your child is younger or has any delays.This will help them to learn in small increments and not feel overwhelmed. All adults and children older then 7 should have weekly 1 hour lessons from the start. 1 hour lessons will allow your child to progress at a good pace and allow us to cover lesson material, technique, and theory.

Can my child take lessons every other week instead?

No, your child will need to have a weekly lesson. Children learn through repetition and having a weekly lesson allows them to keep up with what they are learning, and also gives us the needed time to really dig deep on the things they may be struggling with. It has been proven that children and adults who take weekly lessons take their lessons more seriously and understand it's importance vs those who have bi-weekly lessons. I realize weekly lessons can becme costly but wheather it's dance, gymanstics, or another activity you are investing in your child's future and in the long run it will be worth it!